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Something men that are married to women will never understand. ‘Why women obsess over shoes’.

On an average, every woman owns 20 pairs at any given time. (I own more)

Carrie Bradshaw from SNTC gave permission for women to come out of the closet regarding there shoe obsession, I personally think our passion goes much deeper.


(Image is taken from google)

Shoe size rarely changes if we gain weight or age. Our self-esteem is not hurt if a pair does not fit well, unlike a dress or a top or a pair of jeans (mortified when that happens).

On the other hand, when we put on a great pair of shoes instantly our mood changes for the better. Putting on a pair of heels makes us feel more feminine, there is a change in our curves, posture, we are suddenly taller, thinner and having an amazing silhouette. In a nut cell more confident!

Phycologist says that when women buy shoe taps into a primitive instinct, that our earlier ancestors felt. The hunt, The chase, The kill. By simply thinking about shoe shopping, Adrenalin starts to course through my body. By the time I have reached the shoe store my system releases Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Oxytocin, and Serotonin. Pretty powerful staff!!!

When we decide on a pair (or 3) we may feel a slight guilt, maybe an argument with our spouse or a reduced bank account. But the joy you feel from finding a pair of shoes and know that are yours is bigger.


Shoes are the foundation of our image. Often, I first decide on the shoes and then I build my outfit based on that.  Shoes are a big part of our fashion story to the world. Is the part the message that gives our outfit. For example, CROCKS (that I will not even be caught dead in!) give the message that you want to be comfortable and the same time you do not care (more like given up on life!). Heals, on the other hand, say “Thank God I am a woman and deal with it!”

I personally feel that most of my shoes are a work of art and should be displayed around the house. Unfortunately, my husband does not understand that.

Needless to say, that in case of fire my shoes and bag will make it out of the inferno safe. They are my babies after all.



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