I listen to little kids saying it, friends saying it, bosses saying it, HATERS saying it!!! “THINK POSITIVE “!!!!!In all seriousness. Do they understand the meaning – a way of thinking positive or is it something we are all, well trained to repeat this phrase because it is trending?

POSITIVE THINKING IS A MENTAL ATTITUDE. That means that however, we choose to leave our lives. We have to change our whole attitude from negative to positive. Sadly, this cannot happen in an afternoon or overnight.

If you really believe that positive thinking is what you want to practice, then you should start with baby steps.

1.YOU HAVE TO CONNECT WITH YOUR SELF (and trust me it is not simple)

The way we are brought up, at least by Greek parents, society, school, is to not fully trust our self and listen to others telling us who we are. Being connected to yourself is that you listen to your gut! If it feels wrong it is probably wrong for you, if it makes you happy commit to it. (If you are not hungry do not eat it !!! being connected to your self will help you lose weight as well.) Probably it is the hardest to do but most important.


You need to accept yourself for who you are. Remember that no one is perfect. Let yourself move forward. Do NOT! Dwell on your mistakes. It is difficult but an amazing prosses. You realize how beautiful your soul is and how much power you have as a person to succeed in your goals.


When I was young my sister told me ‘smile, you will make people wonder’. But I realize when I smile people smile back at me. Seeing smiles around you lift your spirit up.


 I believe that what everything comes my way is to help me get closer to my goals. When something does not work out, I think that ‘this is not for me, I deserve something else’!


Take responsibility, Habibie! It is very easy (and we all have done it at some point) to blame our shortcomings on someone else. But part of being an adult is owning your actions & words.


We tend to forget what we have (already accomplish) instead we focus what we do not have. So, every day I THANK GOD that: I woke up (I am not dead), I am healthy, my family is safe and healthy, we have food on the table, we have a home to go too, work that helps our finances.

POSITIVE THINKING in a nutshell:

Watch your thoughts, they become words.

Watch your words, they become actions.

Watch your actions, they become habits.

Watch your habits, they become your character. Gandhi

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

Happy positive thinking!!!



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