Happy New Year everyone!!!

The 1st day of the year is very hopeful and in a way, you feel new again.

Doha is a big part of me and my family. So, when we landed here in 2011 it was an opportunity to start new traditions with my family.

So, every first of the year me and my family find a time to write a letter to ourselves.  This letter contains our blessings and what we have achieved on:

A personal level,

Relationship level,

& career level.

I stopped putting my goals on the 1st day of the year (I do it on another day) because I have the “good student” syndrome. If I did not succeed in 1 goal, I would be angry with myself & beige eat like there is no tomorrow!!!! Salty-Sweet you name it. I would eat everything in big quantities and then fall into a food coma.

What do I do with this letter??

So, during the new year whenever I am at my low-low down on the low -3rd basement.  I read it (&with the help of a chocolate chip mouse ice-cream) I start feeling better.

I know right!?! Even me get the blues from time to time, for a different reason every time. Like not feeling a good wife, a good partner, a good friend, a good blogger, but the crown braking is a good mum.

I have to admit that it difficult when you are a mom, because you are responsible for another human for the rest of your life, and you want this child to be an adult that will take advantage of all the opportunities that will appear in order to fulfill their dreams.

What do you do for New Year?

What are your family traditions?

Please let me know in the comments below.

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