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As a woman, I love to makeup and beauty products. I love my products to have a luxurious feel and ingredients. On the other hand, they are some products that help me with my beauty routine & I do not have to brake the bank.  These are my top picks from Carrefour in Doha.

All the following product cost less than 30 Qr and help me feel at my best when I socialize. *By the time you are reading this blog prices may have changed.

*1. First of all cotton pads, for 9.75qr. I could not have imagined my life without them! They are perfect to clean your face, remove makeup, and correct your make up (when needed). To take the nail polish off in order to re-apply a fresh coat.


Simply irrepressible!!!!

*2.The “Batiste Dry Shampoo” for 25qr. Yes! I know sometimes I am not feeling like washing my hair and styling.  Thank God technology has advanced and you have a smart way to cover these greasy roots and look on fleck when you are on the go!


*3. Magic Retouch for 28.50qr. I believe it is magic!!!! I have white hair since I was 17. So, dying my hair is a must for me. The days that my roots are out and you wait, for that paycheck to kick in so you can have them done.  I use this amazing spray and the ‘Magic’ thing about it is that no one knows. It blends very well with the rest of my color. Also, 1 can of spray last for me 8 months approximately.


*4. Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, small size 9.75qr. I use it to wash my make up brushes and it is Da Bomb!!!! It helps me get the makeup off easily and it is very gentle on the brush. No brush hair come off. If the professional make-up artist does it, who am I to argue?! Sometimes you just trust the professionals!!!


*5.Miracle water, large size, 27qr.  This is the product I swear by. Since I try it I can not stop using it!!! I clean my face with it, I remove makeup, I correct-erase make-up. It is simply divine and I promise you that if you start using it you will never stop.



*6.Last but not least Face Mask Hydra Bomb for 10.50qr. It is amazing after you had a shower and want to relax for 20min. After I do not my face I let it absorb. I feel refreshed and my face looks relaxed and nurtured.IMG_4728


This is my picks! Let me know what beauty products are essential to you!!!

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