I love visiting the spa and being pampered. (if you do not, then who are you?). So my sister book an appointment for me in the APIVITA SPA!


The meaning of the word Apivita comes from the Latin Apis=Bee and Vita=life. Apivita=the life of the bee!!!!

It was founded in 1979 by a couple Nikos & Niki Koutsiana. They were both pharmacists and started making their products in their own pharmacy. They have made over 300 products.  The couple loves philosophy and tradition. They are big supporters of Hypocrites holistic approach to life and beauty.


Hypocrites taught that beauty is from the inside out.  So we need to have balanced diet that will give us stamina and a high value of esthetics.

In the island of Ko, they have the Hypocrites garden of herbs. Because Hypocrites use herbs to cure the diseases.


From 2000 up to now they have stores in 14 countries. including Hong Kong, Japan, and Spain.


The Spa is on the 4rth floor of their store in Athens.  On the 3rd there is a beauty salon, on the 2nd Hippocrates lecture hall, and on the 1st floor a store with all their products.

I had the Aqua Vita deep hydration for the face and the deep body detox for the body. My beautician was a beauty full girl called  Vasiliki. She helped me relax and fully enjoyed both treatments. I came at the end out feeling like a cloud. I hilly recommend it.The Latest product for the face is “Queen Bee”.

images (1)

  • One of the main ingredients is Royal Jelly. It helps your skin
  • lift
  • reduce wrinkles
  • tighten the skin
  • increase natural glow
  • even skin tone
  • increase hydration.

The have a lot of products like natural hair dyes (that also use in their beauty salon)

  • Shampoo
  • hair treatment, all for hair loss
  • body products
  • men products
  • infant and baby products
  • well-being products for ex. essences, honey, and products for coping with flue.

For more information and to book your apointment for this amazing experience http://www.apivita.com or you can call +30 210 3640560.







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