Today Saturday 24/06/2017 my sister walk me up to take me to the farmers market.  As I was drinking my coffee, she was getting ready I could hear her say “if we want the good fruits!!! we have to go early”.

So we drove all the way to Voula to the “BIO farmers market”.



This market has locally produced seasonal fruits and vegetables. Everything smells and looks so fresh. The producer’s sell their goods, directly to the consumers.

Apart from the veggies and fruits, you can find olives, olive oil, cheese, milk, yogurt, and rizogalo.


It is a great way to meet friends make new ones.  Ask the producers all the questions you have about their goods.   If they like you they will share recipes with you. They will give you the “good fruit” for jam or if you want to pickle your veggies.

All of then offer you their fruits to try them on the spot and veggies. You can negotiate the price, depend on the quantity you will buy.


If you happen to be in Athens and want to visit such a market, you can log in to It has all the useful information regarding the expat life in Athens.


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