…..Forgive me Anna Wintour for I have SIN!!!!

2 years ago I was tempted to by a copy designer bag. It was thinking that “I am never going to afford an original!!”. Very wrong because after some time my fanachal change and I can afford them!!! So never say never.

Further more when I was going out with the original bags and I was seeing the craftsmenship and feeling the leather. All the details, where everything is thought and executed before you think you need it. I was feeling guilty and ashamed to be seen with the fake one, so it hid well into my closet. I could not bring my self to throw it (because yes I am a horter in the making ).

A couple of years pass by and my friend was taking a fabric design course ( very proud of my friend, she is such an inspiration ). She asked me to give her a bag to paint over for a project. Her exact words were “A bag that if I destroy you do not mind !!!” .  I immidietly thought what a fantastic way to get rid of my wardrobe mistake! When I give her the bag I was so happy, because I got rid of the shame!!!!! And forgot about it.

……But my sweet little Georgia nothing is forgotten and everything returns back to you……
After good 9 moths my friend came back for coffee with my bag.

The bag that I did not want to be called mine.

The bag that was a mistake.

The bag that I wanted to hide from every one.

It was not my bag , It was my mistake.

……..But wait this does not look like my bag !!!! This looked amazing, very fresh and very NOW!!!

I love the colors, the shapes, the writing “fake it till you make it!” And #hashBAG !!!!! FANTASTIC.

NOW I am very proud of this bag! I take it every where with me. Other pepole ask me about it and I am not afraid any more to talk about my “bad decision “. I clearly see that by changing my attitude, the pepole around me become more accepting. In the majority is how we react to things that affect the pepole around us. A lot of times it is as simple as changing  our reaction that makes pepole more accustomed.

We all have our not good moments and we all take decisions without thinking it all the way through, but the most important part is owning it, and try to work around it. Instead of pushing it in the further back of the closet!
Ps. Sorry if the spelling mistakes are too much but I have dyslexia.

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