When I was 19 years old, I took a conscious desition to volunteer. Now that I am 39 I believe this was one of the best desitions I have made as a life style.

My first Voluntier job was in WWF. Making pepole aware for animals being miss tryted by humans. Also it was the beginning of the recycling concept. So starting recycle awearnes.

Later on 25 I Voluntier with kids hospital on the cancer wing. This humble me a lot.  The objective was to make them feel normal with out hair. It was very exiting when one of my kids made it back home.

Unfortunately while I was living in UAE and KSA, I did not had the chance to Voluntier. On the other hand , when we settle in Qatar I was missing so much volunteering. Up until the time I saw an add in Facebook.  DFI ( Doha Film Institute) was asking for volunteers for Ajyal Festival ! I did not waste any time and I applied. They did not waste any time and I was a Voluntier for DFI!!!!!  Ajyal is a festival that is every year. It is for kids ages 7-21 and they learn how to be film makers. They watch films, then they meet the cast and director and they ask questions ( how cool is that !!!!!)

It was amazing spending time with kids because kids are amazing !!!! There perspective is very fresh and honest. This alone makes you feel young again.

Then I discovert that that DFI has another festival in the beginning of spring called Qumra.

Qumra festival is for filmmakers. They attend workshops and then they socialize with pepole that work in films like producers, film distributors, etc. I was so honored because they choose me and other 29 volunteers out of 300.  The inviroment was so inspiring watching film, attend speeches to the masters of film making. Explaining feelings , there desitions and there dreams coming true.

Volunteering for DFI made me create new frendships. It gives you a sense of fulfillment and positivity. The day is not wasted, you have helped a fellow human not to get lost and made there day easier.  My fellow volunteers I see them as super heros, that stop there life and give there time to the community. Expecting nothing in return (ok!!!!  Maybe a smile and a thank you)

I hope the pepole reading get inspired ant they try volunteering even for one time. Volunteering will relax you and help you be a little   more kind and tolerant to pepole around you. So we can all move to a positive future .


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